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‘What do your parents say about you?’...please teach me how to answer?

It would be nice if you could teach me how to answer.
Maybe, my answer is wrong.

My friend said me ‘What do your parents say about you?’
I said ‘They say I am serious.’

I was laughed at for the answer.(。>0<。)
Please tell me why is the answer wrong.

I wanted to say the meaning of ‘I am a square or hardhead.’
Those personality is まじめ or 真面目 or majime in Japanese language.
Most Japanese use those word as good personality.

Please teach me right answer.

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    もっと細部を表現してみるね。[They think I'm a serious kind of person. Someone who is earnest in what they do, and who is a very hard worker.」のほうが言うと思う。それは陰性の意味全然じゃないんですよ。

    it's already right , maybe was just laughing for any other reason

    that's right, probably your friend laughed 'cause he/she doesn't think you're a serious person

    I don't think they laughed because of linguistic reasons as your answer is perfectly correct. It's more that such a personality trait is perceived as rather uncommon in some parts of Western culture. So don't take it to heart, because they didn't mean it in a bad way.

    However if you want to avoid such a situation the next time you could elaborate on your answer. You might try saying reliable the next time instead of serious.

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