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How to start learning Korean?

I won't deny why I want to learn Korean. Basically I was influenced not only by my friends who used to talk basic Korean but also because of being addicted in Korean dramas and K-pop songs. I know it will be hard for me to learn it most especially with no definite background in this language. But a little help from you guys can make difference.

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    (This website has the alphabet and pronunciations! *scroll to the bottom*)
    Also this video is really good it teaching the alphabet:

    2. (type in a word in Korean or English and get the definition and examples! (When I found this site my life got sooo much easier!)

    3. These are two channels that provide subtitles for songs:
    (The way this is subbed is great, but I think the owner has gone on hiatus for a while)
    (I personally love this one and it has more to choose from)

    4. If you'd like to learn some commonly used phrases use this:

    5. (This website is really cool! It has mini-lesson and little grammar points)
    6. For your enjoyment:
    (Korean slang *shh* & texting in Korean)

    In learning a language on your own I've come to find that GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND! In this day an age you can look up anything and find something. So from learner to learner use a search engine! I used GOOGLE!

    Hello Fellow Learner!
    I actually started learning Korean on my own, since my sophomore year of high-school. I however only wanted to learn because of k-pop culture, dramas, movies, etc. I learned for the next three years by myself and when I got to college I was able to take and actual class, which came easy because I had prior knowledge. My point is you can definitely begin to learn on your own. I recommend first learning the alphabet. Memorizing the alphabet and sound of each letter on it's own and combined will help you to advance in learning the Korean, and let's admit, no matter the language the alphabet always comes first. After that, since you watch dramas and are into kpop songs, start picking out familiar words (words that seem to be used a lot) and find the meanings. Now that you know the alphabet it'll be a little easier to spell the word on your own since most things don't have Korean subtitles. There is a long list of things you can do to learn, I have too many lol! ;) But first, if you want start with this. Also there a lot of channels on youtube that subtitle music videos of kpop songs. This subtitles are in English, Hangul (Korean writing) and romanizations (pronunciations). Try watching them and learning the words one by one. I have to also let you know that learning on your own you might not be able to fully grasp grammar points, unless you enroll in a class or online program or have someone teach you but don't worry certain things you'll pick up and if you ever want to go further and full learn grammar and stuff there are a lot of online sources some free and some not that you can look into. Below I have listed some helpful sites for you, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! I was in your shoes once! ;)

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