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How we can improve our volume of vocabulary where we are not use it our dayly life?

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    Your question reveals one of the differences between human memory and different from computer memory; we need to refresh often our memory, at least for those things that we 'acquired' recently, therefore I suggest that you make some
    notes, sentences etc. about those rarely used terms that you want to master,
    break into sections of 30/50 terms, and periodically review those sections, eventually with the help of randomized flash cards; it would be like having a friend that speaks to you using only rarely used terms!

    For the computer 'seeing once', 'knowing' and 'mastering' are just the same, but there are other aspects were we (primates) are still the winners, (recovery of the whole memory just from an hint or fragment, like the name of a song from some notes).

    Find the article in the newspaper. Underline all words you do not know. Translate them (be careful as the context in your text can be different than those in your dictionary). Then try to write the sentences with new words. Next day use them in your essay or different kind of writing. My tip is: one article for one week. Make a list with new words. If you are a visual (I am) make small cards and use color pens.

    I have the same problem so I use notes to stick on things so I am seeing the writing and getting to know the item as I use things. It works because you are learning the names of things that you use everyday.
    Hope that helps.

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