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I would like to know what are the differences between them. I am interested in any slight difference.
Please, write a sample sentence too, so I can understand it better.

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    Ama and fakat mean exactly the same but no sentence can start with ama in written language and somehow older people use the word fakat more and I do not remember any black and white Turkish movie using the word ama :) hope it helps

    There's no difference between ama and fakat.

    AMA often not used in formal speech and writing, it is an informal phrase. FAKAT used in formal... meaning same. two of them arabic origin words.

    There is no difference in the meaning. Just "ama" is more common.

    There are also "lakin" and "ancak" which have the same meaning but these are not used in spoken language at all. You may see them in books or stuff...

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