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Hoş bulduk or Hoş buldum

Hello! May I ask you a question? There is a dialogue in my textbook: Melih Merhaba, anne Anne Merhaba, oğlum. Hoş geldin! Melih Hoş bulduk, anneciğim I wonder, why does he say "Hoş bulduk" but not "Hoş buldum"?

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    It's how we generally use it. I don't know why. Regardless of how many people there are, it's used in plural form. But it's not wrong to say "hoş buldum" when there is only one person. In this dialogue Melih could also say "hoş buldum"

    that is used in plural use. hosbulduk is true
    Plural form gives kindness and modestness. it is something pleasant to avoid pointing out urself in our culture.

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