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please explain if there is any different between for example and for instance

I don't know why choosing english is closed in " question is for learning English"

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: English
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    Because if the speech is going on about some nuances in Grammar in each language.

    'For example' is used for typical situation, and you may use these "defined examples of the grammar" in speech.

    'For instance' is used for rare or isolated situation which is being only in this situation, and it also may not be used for the other (as common/typical) situation.

    Hey Sir.
    I searched it for myself and found something.this maybe useful for you(of course I'm not sure about it):

    About your second question,I think it's because you haven't chose your learning language.for doing that go here:
    and choose English as your learning language.I think this would solve your problem.
    Good luck.

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