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Beginning of the development of International law, as a rule, associated with accepting on 22 Aug 1864 at a diplomatic conference in Geneva the Convention of Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field.(hereinafter – Geneva Convention of 1864).
Inestimable role in work of preparing and accepting Convention in 1864 belongs to the Swiss businessman Henry Dunant, the witness of suffering and agony of wounded and dying French and Austrian soldiers after the battle between the Franko-Italian armies in Solferino in 1859, during the war in Italy.
At the suggestion of Henri Dunant was created a committee, consisted of like-minded Dunant, the so-called “Committee of Five”, one of the main aims of which was the development of international humanitarian principles.
The most important innovation in international law was made by the Geneva Convention in 1864, was the concept of neutrality in the form in which it was proposed that Dunant. Doctors and other medical personnel should not be taking part in hostilities and are not subject to be captured.
The Convention stipulated that always and everywhere the wounded must be carried out with the respect and equal treatment, regardless of which side they fought.
The Geneva Convention of 1864 contained just 10 articles, but they laid the foundation, which was the basis for further development of international humanitarian law.
It is hard to imagine today how greatly influenced the Geneva Convention in 1864 on the development of the law of nations. For the first time in the history of the state was accepted a permanent official document containing the limitations of its power in the interests of individuals and humanity.
In 1867, almost all the major powers have ratified the Geneva Convention of 1864, except for the United States who did it in 1882 since the Convention has acquired a universal character, which was very important for its credibility.

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