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"What is it I'm doing?" Does it sound correct for you?


I saw it on one of the English-speaking websites... and I liked it. :)
But what's the difference between 'What am I doing?' and 'What is it I'm doing?'. Are they interchangeable?...

Thank you in advance.

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    These are interchangeable and both would be used most often, when you realize you are in the process of making an error.

    The meanings are almost the same but the usage may be different. For example, if someone instructs me to do a task and I don't understand what the purpose is, I might ask."What is it I'm doing?" meaning ''What is the purpose of what I'm doing? Give me some more instructiions." In this instance, the expression above conveys the meaning that I want more information. In my opinion, it's a little more specific than "What am I doing?"

    By continued usage, native speakers understand the connotation of words and phrases (what they imply) in addition to their denotation (the actual meaning).

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