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Negation, Long and Short Form

I want to say "The weather is not cold"

Which of these do I use?

날씨가 못 추워요 / 날씨가 추위지 얺아요 / 날씨가 안 추워요.

If you could explain why, I would be grateful.

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    The third one,
    but the long form of negation would be more natural like "날씨가 춥지 않아요."

    to be cold = 춥다 / to be hot = 덥다
    The long form(neutral) ☞ 춥 + 지 않아요 / 덥 + 지 않아요
    The short form(emphasized) ☞ 안 + 추워요 / 안 + 더워요


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