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can anyone tell me the meaning of the tagalog word "kakalad"?

I can not find the word in any online dictionaries, but it does show up in tagalog written articles when googled.

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    To be honest, the word kakalad doesn't make any sense to me even being a native Tagalog speaker. My guess is that it could have been a typographical error for kakaladkarin (root word kaladkad = drag) or kakalakad (root word lakad = walk). The former, kind of being in the future tense, means "to drag someone" and the latter, some sort of meaning to walk too much or walking too much. It might also be the word kakalat which means will spread/scatter/litter.

    Would you mind if I ask for the whole sentence, so that other speakers can help you with that word too? Thanks! :)


    you may have copied a wrong / unfamiliar word. please supply us the whole sentence so we can help and give you the exact translation of the word.

    it could be:


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