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How much dew would a dewdrop drop if a dewdrop could drop dew? 如果一颗露珠会掉下露水,那么一颗露珠会掉下多少露水呢? The driver was drunk and drove the doctor's car directly into the deep ditch. 这个司机喝醉了,他把医生的车开进了一个大深沟里。 Sandy sniffed sweet smelling sunflower seeds while sitting beside a swift stream. 桑迪坐在湍急的小溪边尽情地品味着葵花子的香味。 A snow-white swan swam swiftly to catch a slowly-swimming snake in a lake. 湖中一只雪白的天鹅快速地游动着去追赶一条慢慢游动的蛇。 A pleasant peasant keeps a pleasant pheasant and both the

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