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How do you reply to compliments?

I would like to say 'Thanks, I'm flattered' to people who pays me compliments.

I know that 'Thanks' in Hindi language is 'Dhanyawaad' and 'I'm flattered' is 'Mai khush huyi'. Are there another Hindi sentences in saying it?

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    Well the reply depends on the compliment too Like what the compliment is about.

    Well Usually When Someone Gives me a compliment I say "Thanks"

    " Only a Good Person can see the good in other's, if you see good in me that tells a lot about you too."
    Translated to Hindi it would be
    "Ek achchha insaan hi doosron ki achchhaai dekh sakta hai, Agar aap ne mujh mein achchhai dekhi to ye aapki shaksiyat ke baarey mein bhi bahut kuchh batata hai. :)

    But I guess that's pretty heavy on the tongue. :D:D Anyways Just Telling

    A Little Correction in this one "'Mai khush huyi" It should be

    Main Khush Hoon

    So Coming to Possible Replies...

    1. Dhanywaad (or Shukriya), Aap Bhi (Thanks You too)
    2. Main Khush Hoon aap aisa sochte hain - I am glad you think so.
    or sometimes you are modest

    3. Come on! Main itni bhi achchhi nahi - Come on! I am not even that good
    4. Achchhi par tumse zyaada nahi - Good but not more than you.

    AND... If Someone is giving you too many compliments for no apparent coz...this reply can come Handy too :D:D

    Kya tum mere saath flirt kar rahe ho? - Are You Flirting with me? :D

    Hope It Helps :)

    * Don't Mind I have my own way of answering questions :)
    Main prasann huyi

    I believe its just better to smile n say thanks "dhanyawaad" or "shukriya" in this case.
    Main khus huyi is more a sort of i am happy ans sounds very flat.

    Hope that helps.

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