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一点 and 那 pronounce with "R" at the end?

My question is about pronouncing the 一点 I hear that there is "R" sound at end and
it sounds like "yidiar", is it correct to pronounce it like that, or should it be "yidian"
and about 那, it's the same question, it's about "R" sound at the end,
I hear that it sounds like "nar" is it correct, or just should be said "na"?
So please could someone explain is it incorrect to say these words like that, and overall about the "R" sounding, I'm very confused about that.
This is something I wanted to ask long time ago.
Thank you very much.

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    Either way is fine! Generally speaking, 一点儿yidiar、这儿zher、那儿nar etc is the way northern Chinese pronounce. Southern Chinese tend to pronounce as 一点、这、那. Hope it helps!
    It's just a matter of accents; the habit of putting an R in the end of a word is ubiquitous in North China. Whether one pronounces the R sound or not, would not affect the overall comprehension of the word at all. If you're going for a general Northern Chinese accent, try putting the R sound in those words!

    Wikipedia has a whole page about this, the link:

    I want to say that “一点儿yidianr”and “一点yidian”is both right, but “那儿nar”and “那na”is diffrerent. I will give you some examples.


    我们可以说“那我就不等你了。”而不能说“那儿我就不等你了。”在这里“那”的意思是“in that case”。


    the accent with an R in the end is for countrymen,not cool at all.

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