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"Giving the fact ... " or "Given the fact that ..."

Google search shows both form are used. So which is the correct one?

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    Judging by the phrases you picked, I assume you are looking for the phrase "Given the fact...".

    That is the correct one, in the context you are looking for. "Given the fact..." is a loose expression used to describe the information used as a basis for a point you are about to make in an explanation or critical analysis.

    "Giving the fact" I personally have never seen, conversationally.

    Given the fact.

    This is the way we say that phrase in America. Giving the fact doesn't make much sense.

    An example sentence:
    Given the fact that I'm an American native English speaker, you should listen to me.


    Given the fact that he is a quadriplegic, and there is no wheelchair access to the building, I am not surprised that he was angry that the meeting was held there.

    You can't blame her for telling the truth in court, she was just giving the facts.

    We never say 'Giving the fact' only 'Giving the facts'

    Given the fact and Giving the facts are not interchangeable.

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