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Meaning of this Tagalog phrase: Tuloy na ko!

I understand "tuloy" to mean "that's why" or "because", so this phrase, actually written "2loy nq", confuses me. Is this a type of informal greeting?

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    I think that sentence is a contraction of "Tutuloy na ako" which means "I've gotta go/I'm going in." And "tuloy" is quite synonymous with the English word "continue." Here's a list of some of the conjugations of the word "tuloy" for you to 'catch' the sense. :D

    tuloy = continue/to go in. ie, "tuloy po kayo!" (please get in!)
    patuloy = continuing (adj). ie "patuloy parin ang kanyang pagkain" (he's/she's still eating)
    ipagpatuloy = to continue (v). ie "ipagpatuloy mo nga kung anong sinasabi mo" (please continue whay you're saying)

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