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Hi. Can someone help with the word- sebigitu

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makasih, ini contohnya- i miss you so much i can not sleep.
Saya rindu kamu sebegitu banyak saya tidak bisa tidur.........???????

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    I will try to explain for you ..:)
    So sebegitu = sedemikian , if we translate in English it will similiar with "so....." or "that......"
    example :
    You so far away from me = Kamu sedemikian/sebegitu/begitu jauh dari ku
    I cant believe you were that stupid = aku tidak percaya kamu bisa sebegitu bodoh.

    I hope it is not make you more confuse :P

    It 's "Sebegitu" , not "Sebigitu".

    Ya I depends on the context..But we (Indonesian) seldom use this word in daily conversation (except for the word 'sebegitunya', we often use it). We sometimes use it in song lyrics, or poem.

    When someone say this to you:

    Sebegitunya..(informal: segitunya) = you are too much

    Sebegitu dalamkah cintamu? = Is your love so deep like that?

    Sebegitu mahalkah dirimu? = Are you so expensive like that? (in case we have to pay so expensive to get someone's love, we can ask this question)

    sebegitu literally means "so/all that/that much." It's emphasize "too much" nuance.

    Saya rindu kamu sebegitu banyak (sehingga) saya tidak bisa tidur.
    I miis you so (say it with long o: sooooooo) much (so) I couldn't sleep. :D

    sebegitu is rarely used in Indonesian. It's a poetic way to say "Sangat ..." or "... sekali" which both mean "Very ..."

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