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guys, please translate this words: dadashe golam, azizam, dari abji, and jon.

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    about "dadashe golam داداشِ گَلم", you should know, although "Gol" گَل means flower, in this sentence it means " precious, dear, nice, lovely"; so this sentence can be translated a bit different; this can be translated as:

    - my nice brother; my lovely brother; My precious brother

    - azizam عزیزم means = my dear----> aziz= dear , -am= my

    - abji means آبجی= sister ( I didn't get what do you mean by "dari" i guess you wanted to say " Daaraaiie abji داراییِ آبجی " which mean " you are all that your sister have = it means you mean everything to her. ;)
    -jonجان/ جون= means Soul, but hear again means "dear"; means he is a precious as her own soul. Look at the below sentences:

    1- man baradaram raa mesle janam/ jonam doost daaram.( من برادرم را مثلِ جانم/ جونم دوست دارم=I love my brother like my soul; more than my soul.)
    2- daadaashe golam koja hasti?( داداشِ گُلم کجا هستی؟= where are you my precious brother?"
    3- Baraadare azizam dar Aalmaan zendegi mikonad. (برادرِ عزیزَم در آلمان زندگی می کُنَد.= my dear brother is living in Germany)
    4- Aabji jan, emrooz che mipazi? ( آبجی جان امروز چه می پزی؟)= Dear sister what will you cook today?

    موفق باشید.

    با احترام

    good brother / dear / do u have sister?
    / (jon)you can say dear

    dear sara your answer from left to right my dear brother,darling,do you have any sisters,my sweet heart

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