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ช่วย vs. เชิญ vs. กรุณา

When would you use each of these? Which one is most common? Which one is most formal? Do you have to use each one in specific circumstance or are they interchangeable?

Do you have a common example sentence/phrase for any of them?

Thank you!

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    ช่วย means to help, it is the most common and casual way to ask someone to do something.
    ex. ช่วยด้วย! ... Help! (In case of emergency)
    ช่วยหยิบหนังสือให้ฉันหน่อย ... Pick that book for me (please).

    เชิญ means to invite someone to do something or to do as one pleases.
    ex. เชิญชิมฟรี ... Free (food) sample.
    เชิญตามสบาย ... Do as you please/Please make yourself at home.

    กรุณา means "please" in more imperative way, it is usually used to give out command or order.
    ex. กรุณารักษาความสะอาด ... Please keep it clean.
    กรุณาปิดมือถือ ... Please turn off your cellphone.

    Hope it helps :)

    เชิญ - sit down please ( เชิญนั่งครับ/ค่ะ )
    กรุณา - Could you please speak louder? ( กรุณาพูดดังขึ้นอีกนิดครับ/ค่ะ )
    ช่วย - Can you help me book the seat? ( ช่วยจองที่นั่งให้หน่อยครับ/ค่ะ)

    ช่วย can mean please ,could you help me ... ช่วยไปส่งตลาดที could you sent me to the market
    เชิญ can mean please ... (that thing you do it for your self like เชิญทานน้ำ the water is for you )
    กรุณา can mean please ... (look similar เชิญ but people ask you to do it for them self or other กรุณาอย่าเสียงดัง please be quiet ,its for other )


    ช่วย = help. This is general word you can use to ask for help.
    I need your help.
    Can I help you?

    เชิญ = invite or escort. You use this word when you want to invite someone to join you. It's polite and formal word.
    I invite you to join our party.
    He invites they to go to the temple.

    กรุณา = please. This is very formal word. It is too formal for me.

    If you translate "Please help me" word-by-word to Thai, you may say "กรุณาช่วยผมด้วย" but this sounds a little weird for me. You can just say "ช่วยด้วย" if you want to say "please help me" or "help me" in English.

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