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Sport or sports, art or arts

I read some books and I saw the words such as "a sports team, a sports event"..., and I don't know why the word "sports" is used there, and not "sport". I have the same question as for the word "art" via "arts"

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    A sports team means that one (or more) of many kinds of sports may be played. If you identify which sport is played, you would call it a basketball team (singular), a football team or a volleyball team. The team probably plays only one sport, but if you don't name the sport, it is a team that plays sports (plural).

    I hope this helps.


    In the UK, the plural form of sport is sport
    In the USA the plural form is sports

    the use of the imagination to express ideas or feelings, particularly in painting, drawing or sculpture

    The arts
    Art, music, theatre, literature, etc. when grouped together

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