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Was sind die deutshe Worte fur Auto (parts)....engine, body, wheels, instruments, axles, differential, battery, und andere?

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    engine -> Motor
    body -> Gehäuse
    wheels -> Räder
    instruments -> Armatur
    axles -> Achsen
    differential -> Getriebe
    battery -> Batterie

    hope I could help you out at that. if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
    Rimi :)

    engine = Motor
    body = Karosserie !!! you don't say "Gehäuse" with cars !!!
    wheel = Räder (wheel = Rad)
    instruments = Anzeigen, Instrumente (Armaturen)
    axles = Achsen (axle = Achse)
    differential = Differenzial !!! Getriebe = gear box !!!
    battery = Batterie

    some more might help you:
    clutch = Kupplung
    trunk = Kofferraum
    suspension = Radaufhängung, Federung
    Just ask for more technical words.

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