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who gives me spanish songs

spanish song easy and beautiful in order to learn spanish by songs!!
i rather the ones with english or spanish songs

For learning: Spanish
Base language: English
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    Vive La Vida Loca- ricky martin
    Basta Ya- ricky martin
    Cuando Me Enamoro - Enrique Iglesias


    You can try songs of "la oreja de vang gogh". they speak clear to learn spanish.

    sin ti,me gusta mucho esta canción

    I think bunbury is quite good
    Albert Pla y los Estopa -

    Muchachito y Peret -

    "La Bamba" - (con subtítulos)

    "Soy Rebelde" - (con subtítulos)

    ... Una extraña y aleatoria selección, pero mucho mejor que Ricky Martin, Oreja de Van Gogh, Bunbury y similares :P


    I recommend you a Colombian artist. It's name is ANDRES CEPEDA. His songs are very slow and beautiful for me. Here, there are some links.




    Hola mi amiga! Merhaba ya rafi2te!

    B'el nisbaly b7b el musiqa el flamenko!

    It makes me feel proud to know Spanish and it fills my blood with passion. Flamenco is from Andalucia / Al-Andalus. This music was born from all different cultures and people that lived together during Spain's Golden Age of the 15th century. As a Spanish speaking person learning Arabic, it's nice to know both of our cultures share a rich history and that together we can create such beautiful music.

    Gipsy Kings is a really popular flamenco band, there also Chambao that mixes flamenco with a modern twist. The following links are to songs with a Modern Spanish-Arabic fusion. I hope you enjoy them :)

    Listen to Gianmarco Zignago.
    He is peruvian and sings romantic songs.

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