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would it be worth going to the philippines? whats it like there?

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    The answer depends on your purpose of visiting the country. No one can truly answer that and in the end it is only you who can tell if it is woth going here.

    The Philippines has a tropical climate. You should probably google the information about the city or place you would like to stay. I just can say that you would not have so much trouble communicating as majority of people here can speak and understand English.

    Actually, it really depends on which place are you going to visit...
    For examples you like beach.. One of the famous beach in the philippines is boracay..
    If you visit boracay surely you will enjoy

    Just like fid said, communicating to the people in the philippines is no trouble because majority can understand english

    btw, where in the philippines is your bf staying? research more about that place so that you will at least know more and have a background about the place..

    well... it's "More Fun in the Philippines"

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    The Philippines is amazing, it has great views, adventures and destinations. From beautiful beaches, to breathtaking skyscrapers in cities, to ever so green forests and peaceful farms.

    Also, the natives there are welcoming and hospitable.

    However, like any other country, you have to be very careful and wise on your decisions. Make sure your destinations are safe and the people you will trust are trustworthy.


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