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Inget & Ingenting

Today I was studying indefinite pronouns (indefinita pronomen) and I saw these two sentences with their translations in my book:

Inget fungerar / Nothing works
Det finns ingenting att göra / There is nothing to do

And I wondered what is the difference between inget and ingenting and is it possible to say "Ingenting fungerar" or "Det finns inget/inget/inga att göra" ?

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    There are certain words who have changed with time but whose old "longer" forms are still used (they still mean the same thing)
    någonting/nånting/något/nått - something
    någon/nån - somebody
    sådant/sånt - "like that" (nått sånt - something like that)
    ingenting/inget - nothing
    ingen - nobody

    (that's when you're speaking generally, when you're using a substantive you also need to match the pronoun with the gender, "jag har inte nån bil/nått hus" (I don't have any car/house)

    So if you see two words who resemble eachother but they mean the same thing, then you'll know that one is just the longer "original" form :)

    Take a look at this link. People have already asked and answered your question:

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