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Tinc un dubte ,m`ajudes sisplau moltes gracies!

Could you please tell me how to use `hi ` in Ctalan .I know it can replace `lloc`.anything else can it replace?

And could you please ues ´hi ´ to replace something in the 2 small essays below?and translate them into English please.

1.Diuen que el pis d´en James és molt maco.M`agradaria anar al pis d`en James per veure si és tan maco com diuen.Hauré d´esperar que en James em convidi a anar a casa seva,perqué presentar-me a casa seva sense avisar seria de mala educació.

2.Visc a Barcelona .Sempre m'ha agradat viure a Barcelona ,perqué pots fer moltes activitats a Barcelona.Residir a Barcelona et dóna l'oportunitat d'aprofitar-te de tot el que hi ha una gran ciutat.Aixó sí ,per fer activitas a Barcalona ,val més que portis la butxaca plena!

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    1. They say the story of James is very nice. I would like to go there to see if it's as nice as they say. I'll have to wait to invite me to go, as would occur without warning rude.

    2. Hello, I live in Barcelona. I've always liked to live (there / here), because you can do many activities. Reside (there / here) gives you the opportunity to use everything in a big city. That if, for activities (there / here), better bring a pocketful.

    I hope it is useful my help, my english is very bad sorry i used translator

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