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Question About Hebrew

Hi! I am very motivated to learn Hebrew, but so far i haven't found a partner yet. I was wondering if anyone of you knew an interesting website, for me to learn Hebrew online.
Please make sure it's a good website, because i've tried a bunch of them and they were useless.
Thank you

For learning: Hebrew
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    I think, it's good to learn hebrew by arabic language, because it will help you to memorise the words as well ( lots of them have the same pronunciation).
    * Si t'as eu un problème au niveau d'affichage tu pourras faire ces étapes :
    dans ton navigateur, clique sur affichage et puis choisi encodage des caractères et enfin, choisi l'option (arabe (windows-1254))
    bonne chance

    I'm using for learning languages. Love this site. See if it fit you too.

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