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Nasıl kelime genişletmek gerekir?

What are some good movies or music I could watch to learn more words?
Teşekkür ederim!

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    i think you should read some turkish stuff on the internet to.

    tarkan's musis is meaningful. you can listen to him. and i personally don't like watching turkish movies.. you can watch popular tv shows in subtitles like 'yabanci damat' it can be more helpful.
    but if you still wanna watch turkish movies, you can watch any of them actually,doesn't really matter.

    Daha çok Türkçe hikaye,kitap okuyarak kelime dağarcığını geliştirebilirsin.

    evet kitap okumak çok yararlı ve şarkı sözü ezberleyebilirsin

    I highly recommend you listen to BARIŞ MANÇO, SEZEN AKSU, NİLÜFER...
    These are the oldies of Turkish music. (this is extra :))

    "kelime dağarcığını geliştirmek"/"daha fazla kelime öğrenmek" için ne yapmak gerekir?

    Nasıl kelime dağarcığımı geliştirebilirim?
    Nasıl daha fazla kelime öğrenebilirim?

    We should choose one of these three to ask this question.

    If I wonder how to say in another language, I quickly look up a dictionary and then find sample sentences, and finally I write them down. This is the case if I hear a word that I don't know how to say in Swedish :)

    Another way I follow is listening to songs with their translation. is the best I found so far.

    Watching movies is a nice way if there is well translated subtitle but, I prefer to find movies in the language I know better and the subtitle is in the target language. This makes everything easier for me, as I can read and memorize easier when I see them as a text.

    And finally :) , you can search the facebook for the pages like sentence of the day and word of the day. I hope you may find a nice one. I also have a blog that I have written a new word everyday with its translation and sample sentences if you like. Although lately I focused on my studies more, you can be sure I will continue.

    Another nice way to use notebook feature here or on other sites, so you can push yourself to learn new words while writing a text in Turkish and you can improve your grammar as well.

    Hope my suggestions help. Good luck Elizabeth! :)

    Kitap oku ve sözlükte kelimelerin anlamlarına bak işe yarar

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