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gamarjoba yvelas

Hello everyone, I going to be posting a list full of phrases every so often. If you could help me translate them, my experience in learning the Georgian language would be so much easier and I would be forever thankful. If you cannot translate a phrase, simply skip it. If you could possibly do this, I would again, be very happy.

1) Can you help me?
2) Do you play any sports?
3) Do you want to come with me?
4) Give me a call.
5) I'll tell him you called.
5) I bought a shirt yesterday.
6) I have to wash my clothes.
7) Don't forget.
8) I remember.
9) This is the first time I've been here.
10) What are your hobbies?
11) Anything else?
12) Are they the same?
13) Can you give me an example?
14) Why did you say that?
15) Should I wait?

Thank you so much if you help me with translating these phrases. Also, if you help me in the translation, I will make sure to post something new in my notebook that will use all the phrases.

For learning: Georgian
Base language: English
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    1) Can you help me? shegidzlia damexmaro? (shegizliat damexmarot? > magalitad?)
    14) Why did you say that? ratom tqvi eg?
    15) Should I wait? movicado?

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