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what is the difference between "complete" and "finish"?

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In particular when we describing about job or work? which one should I use?

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    Off the top of my head, "to finish" has a meaning closer to "end", whereas "to complete" has a meaning closer to "fulfil". Here's a quick comparison:

    "I finished my studies..." this tells me your studies simply ended. Perhaps you graduated, but it's just as possible that you gave up, quit or were kicked out of university.

    "I completed my studies..." this is very clear. It means that you passed your exams and graduated.

    If you're talking about work, use "completed" to mean you fulfilled all the required tasks.

    They are normally both the same.

    "I must run fast to complete the race."
    "I must run fast to finish the race."
    However. you can say "My work here is complete" but you would have to say "My work here is finished".

    Complete also has another use. Complete can be used to show that you have the whole of something.

    "My stamp collection is complete" which means you have all of them.

    Hope I have helped.

    let me share this site that clearly explains the difference between "complete" and "finish".

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