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This website really works?

A friend of mine indicate this site, but i'm not so sure it works. So I'm asking: This thing works?

For learning: Italian
Base language: English
Category: Other


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    It is very interesting for me:
    I had lessons from very good and enthusiastic teachers;
    I enjoy answering questions;
    I learn from the answers in the English and Italian sections;
    related to what the Italki site offers, I don't find discrepancies
    between theory and practice.

    Provare per credere

    This is a nice website, it's a perfect place for solve language problems and doubts, you can find many mothertongue which can help you with grammar and pronunciation,there are teachers and much more...
    For better results you should fall totally on this website!
    You should find language partners for language exchange, chat or messaging with them, enjoy groups, answer...make questions!
    That is a good opportunity for improve and learn a new language

    You are welcome!


    This site only works if you put some work into it - use the facilities for practice and making friends who can help you on your linguistic quest! There's plenty to do here. :)

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