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How do you say "Have a nice (good) day" in Hindi?

And how do you say "is this the final price?" or " final price"

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Oh and "where is (example:) Central park?"

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    Good Day-Shubh din (Shubh-good, din-day)
    Have a nice day is not really used... Atleast I havent heard anyone use it despite my 7 year stay in North India(Orissa)
    Is this final price- Yeh aapka akhri dam hai? (Yeh-This, aapka-your, akhri-final, dam-price)
    Where is- Kahan hai? (kahan-where)
    Where is central park? Central park kahan hai
    Hope this helps you :)

    have a nice day-aapka din(day) achha(nice) ho [to show respect basically when the person you aretalking is older than you-use aapka(you)]
    otherwise-tumhara din achha ho
    shubh is used for auspicious
    is this the final price-kya yeh(this) akhri(final) kimat(cost) hai
    kimat(daam bhi keh sakte hai)
    where is central park-central park kahan(where) hai(is)

    I think you get your answer

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