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Vero Moda or Vera Moda?

I just learnt the Italian word "moda", and thought about the Danish fashion brand "Vero Moda", meaning true fashion. Since "moda" is a feminine word, would it be more proper to use "vera moda" instead of "vero moda"?

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    Yes, the adjective for MODA is VERA.
    But telling about brands...they don't have to respect grammar rules.....;)

    Yes, you're right! The female adjective for MODA is VERA, but there's an exception, if VERO it isn't an adjective the brand is correct, VERO could be the name and not the adjective...

    In that case VERO MODA could be as ARMANI MODA, VALENTINO MODA, D&G MODA and so on...

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