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When learning Chinese, where should i start from?

I am learning Pinyin right now but idk what to learn next after i know this.

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    you should start from the very basic... knowing the different TONES.

    Chinese is a TONAL language, that's why. You will come across two or three the same pinyin yet of different tones - they have different meanings.

    Next would be the pinyin... start from "greetings" and then the "particles" and so on.

    Be attentive to the sentence construction. This would save you from being laughed at (just kidding). This is the 3rd step I did.



    You may wanna try some characters and simple communication.

    you can start from pinyin.

    You may try to make some sentences, lile wo zai xue xi zhong wen.

    i think you can learn some sentence ,that what we often use in our life .to know what people will say in some special situations.i think that can help you to learn Chinese easy.

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