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THIS IS A STATEMENT I KNOW : The best ways to learn english: 1) Go to an english speaking country 2) Practice and practice 3) Make use of multimedia: music and tv (listen and watch again repeatedly) 4) Instead of speaking in your native language try talking to your friends in english regularly 5) If you see a foreigner don't be afraid to stop them and have a chat (you will earn their res

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    Thanks for your tips. I also understand all the tips from you. To be frank, i was working in a international school for 8 monthes. I need to speak english everyday with those foreigners. But i don't why sometimes i still can't understand what other people said completely. So i resigned this job and found another job. But it's so ridiculous because this job still need i speak english everyday. So i am looking for some friends who can improve my english and corret my mistakes on line. I read your profile and know you can speaking chinese.


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