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How can I translate this into English? "pahle se yah upaay na sujha, nahi itni thand kyu kathe."

Does it mean something like "If you had recommended this solution/remedy before, we would not have had to endure such bitter cold" ? I'm a bit lost in the sentence structure and cannot really make out the tone of the sentence (ironic, neutral..)

If someone has an idea please tell me, I would be very greatful! Thank you - lola

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    We didn't realise this solution before, otherwise why would we face such bitter cold.

    pahle se yah upaay na sujha : >don't you get this solution before.
    (upaay : solution,sujha : get)

    your this part of the sentence make meaning but second part is really not a complete sentence ,so not a correct one also)

    Might be it is like this :

    Nahe to tumhe itni thand sehane nahe padte > otherwise you don't have to suffer from this much cold.
    (sehane : suffer,thand : cold)

    At last your whole sentence translation will be like this :

    Don't you get this solution before, otherwise you don't have to suffer from this much cold.


    Just if you dont wish to change whole sentence structure,you can also remove nahi from second part,it will also make meaning :


    "pahle se yah upaay na sujha, itni thand kyu kathe."

    dont you get this solution before,why you spend this winter.

    thand : winter.
    kathe : spend

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