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What does 日本の大学きなよ mean?

I totally understand nihon no daigaku, but I don't understand the last part. My host brother messaged me this and he's from Kansai. I asked my friend from Tokyo, and she said it means "Come to a Japanese college". Can anyone explain きなよ to me?

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    I think the verb form is Kuru 来る and in your phrase, きなよ it´s juts a contracted or colloquial form of 来なさい, Which means: "come please"


    Your friend is right. It can closely mean "Come/join a Japanese college". "Kinayo", in my experience is more colloquial (changes in meaning depending on region) and can be related to "iku", "to go, to move from point a to point b".

    Yes, that's right. The original form of きな is きなさい. ~なさい is consisted in imperative sentence.
    When ~なさい is added よ, then it means "why don't you~?" So it means "why don't you come to a Japanese collage?" Boys like to say more short sentences like きなよ!

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