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"Jawaban seperti itu bukan salah, tetapi agak meleset. Meleset, karena banyak yang tak melihat kaitan semua kasus itu dengan banjir di Jakarta"

This is a new sentence structure for me and I'm not sure if I understand correctly.

My translation:
Response such as that is not wrong/mistaken, but rather missed. Missed, because many don't see a connection between all those cases and a flooding di Jakarta.

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    That Indonesian is pretty bad in the second sentence after the comma, as there isn't explanation about "banyak" there. I'm sure even native Indonesian is a little confused with that one, but I think it's "banyak orang" :D

    So, here's mine:

    That kind of answer/response is not wrong, but slightly missed (slightly wrong). Missed, because there are many who don't see a connection between all those cases to the flood in Jakarta.

    the sentence structure in bahasa indonesia is very flexible. you dont need to translate every words in that sentence. you can erase the second word "meleset", it will have the same meaning. for me your translate its ok/good enough.
    if you want to make better skill in bahasa indonesia you have to try to make conversation / talk with native. you will get experience about intonation, etc..
    you can learn to talk in bahasa indonesia with me and i will learn to talk in english with you, what do you think? (voice chat / video chat)

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