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Tinc un dubte ajudar-me sisplau ..

Could you please tell me thay are the same or not .
Vaig comprar . and Jo comprava. I think they mean I bought something ,right? are there any difference between them? .
There is another question :Nosaltres mirávem la televisió .Can I say Nosaltres anem a mirar la televisió?or maybe you could tell me the difference in English ,or give me some sentences to explain .moltes grácies!
thank you very much!

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    I'm not Catalan, but IMHO "vaig comprar" means "I bought", and "jo comprava" can mean either:

    * "I was buying"
    - Què feies que no agafaves el mòbil? [You wouldn't pick up the phone, what were you doing?]
    - Comprava. [I was shopping.]

    * "I used to buy"
    - De petit, sovint em comprava llibres de novel.les negres. [When I was a kid, I often used to buy mistery novels.]

    Sorry for the bad examples.

    Hi.... how are you??? I would try to explain these sentences. Jo vaig comprar is the same as I bought and jo comprava, the translation is the same but is another tense.... I explian this very bad!!! In catala the verbs are very difficult. :9
    Nosaltres miravem la televisio is in past tense.... and nosaltres anem a mirar la televisio is the same as We are going to watch tv, It is like a future, it isn´t happened yet.....
    Examples.... This evening I´m going to visit my mother..... and the past
    tense it would be.... yesterday I visited my mother.
    I hope you understand a little my words... and don´t worry I will be in touch....

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