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How does one pronounce ඒ and ඕ?

I read it was either:
The same as එ and ඔ but prolonged (e.g. ඒ sounded like air almost and ඕ sounded like the ‘oo’ in poor.
Or that ඒ sounds like the ‘ey’ in hey and that the ඕ sounds like the ‘o’ in coke. Which one is correct? Like for example - මහේල; is it pronounced as or (with the prolonged ‘ee’). Are pronunciations different when it's a name and not actual vocabulary?
If I have not made this clear then please tell me!
Thank you!!

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    මහේල; it's should pronounced as (
    actually the pronunciations always similar as actual vocabulary.
    hope this will helpful to you.. :)

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