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The use of 'u' as a vowel diacritic in Sinhala words

I am not sure if this is true to Sinhala or maybe it was an incorrect site that I was on, but (as an example) the word garlic - සුදුලුනු translated into '’ yet if that were true (with the pronlonged 'u' sound) then wouldn't it look like සූදූලූනු?
If I am completely wrong then I am sorry, could you please clarify?

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    සු Su දුThu ලුLoo නුNu..

    here you can translate Garlic in to Sinhala like this, "Sudu Loonu", but here 'U' is not considered as a vowel, it sounds like the country name "Sudan", here 'OO" will sounds like loop, the the long version of sound 'U".

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