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What's the noun form of "internist" ?

I was having a document of a medical to be translated from Arabic into English and faced a lot of medical terminology as diseases names and so on .. One of them was the function of the "internist' physician, so I want to know the noun form of this function.

I will be glad if you can make a list of the most famous diseases in the world, so I can expand my credit of diseases' names in English


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.. a medical document to be translated .. *

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    Fulla... you can read and copy many lists of the English names of common diseases. Open Google and search for "English name of common diseases". Here is one website link:

    "internist" is a noun: a physician specializing in internal medicine:

    An internist is a noun. Internists are physicians who specialize in the prevention, detection and treatment of illnesses in adults.

    The Most Common Deadly Diseases In The World

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