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Halo can someone tranlsate pls- They all left at the same time. We will all go together"

Saya ingin mengerti- kalian, sekalian, kamu semua, semuanya, etc, makasih

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    Mereka semua meninggalkan pada saat yang sama. Kita semua akan pergi bersama "

    mereka semua pergi disaat yang bersamaan . kami semua akan pergi bersama-sama.

    Mereka semua pergi pada saat yang bersamaan. Kita semua akan pergi bersama.
    Kalian = kamu semua : You all (you, but for more than one person)

    Sekalian: To do something at the same time. Also.
    - Kalau kau pergi, sekalian bawa tasmu -> If you leave, (at the same time) bring your bag)
    - Saya jalan-jalan, sekalian mencari makan - I am taking a walk, (at the same time) looking for food.

    'Semua' and 'semuanya' are the same. But for saying "all of it /all of them" we often use 'semuanya'. But it doesn't really matter if you want to use 'semua'.

    - Semuanya bergembira --> all of them are happy (but you can also say 'semua bergembira', it doesn't really matter).
    - Semuanya milik kita --> all of them are ours (you can also say 'semua milik kita', it doesn't matter).

    Actually, there is a little bit differences between 'semuanya' and 'semua' in two sentences above. But it's not quite important.
    Semuanya : all of them (so 'them' here is specific for certain people/objects).
    Semua: all (not specific for certain people/objects)

    They(mereka) all(semua) left(pergi) at the same time(bersamaan). We(kami) will(akan) all(semua) go(pergi) together(bersama)

    Indonesian sentence is Subject+Predicate/verb+Object+adverb. when one is missing so just move on, ex:S+P+adverb.

    all--> semua (put after S)

    kalian ("you" but informal)
    sekalian( ...all, it is put after S to say "S" as unity.
    "you all"-->kamu sekalian(too formal and konvensional)
    kamu semua( "you all" but informal)
    semuanya (all) but it can't be united with Noun/object.
    X: which t-shirt do you like?
    Y: "semuanya" or you say "semua" t-shirt.

    *semuanya: all (not united with noun/object)
    semua: all+Noun/object--> (semua......)

    I hope it helps you

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