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What's the difficulty of the grammar of Persian?Which language is it similar with?

Compared to English or other languages,which other one is similar with it most?

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: English
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    Persian has basically no gender, which is close to English, as well as similar tenses(progressive, perfect, simple/past, present and future). It has six persons' verb ending, which resembles Spanish, French and other languages. Persian contains about 30% Arabic loan words, and the writing system is the same as Arabic. It's a typical Indo-European language, Tajik can be considered as derived from Persian.

    well, most of ppl think that Arabic is more similar to Farsi. but it has some difference with it (not much).

    I think Tajik is more similar to Persian because Tajik is just like Persian and it's difference is in pronounsation.

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