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Any good music in Dutch?

Does anyone know any good Dutch music/song/band? I think it could help me learn the language.
It should be reasonably easy to understand, though...

Additional Details:

By "good music" I meant popular music, that people usually like. I guess that should be easier to listen to and understand than less popular music.
Anyway, if you can think of any song you like(popular or not) that is easy to understand, please let me know!

For learning: Dutch
Base language: English
Category: Culture


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    Some popular artists are:

    Nick & Simon
    - Een nieuwe dag, Vlinders, Vallende sterren, Wijzer, Pak maar mijn hand, Lippen op de mijne

    Marco Borsato
    -Wit licht, Dochters, Voorbij, Stop de tijd, Ik leef niet meer voor jou

    Guus Meeuwis
    -Geef mij je angst, Het is een nacht, Schouder aan schouder

    Glennis Grace
    - Afscheid, Ik ben niet van jou

    Jan Smit
    - Als de morgen is gekomen, Laura, Als je lacht

    Jeroen van der Boom
    -Jij bent zo, Los van de grond

    - Dansen aan zee, Aan de kust, Harder dan ik hebben kan, De storm

    Trijntje Oosterhuis
    - Vlieg met me mee, Wereld zonder jou

    Hope this helps!


    What is "good" music of course depends on what you likeas well, so it's a bit difficult to answer this question... :D However, you can check out the following page on Wikipedia to get some ideas on which artists to look out for:


    One artist you should look up on youtube is Wim Sonneveld. His songs are very old, but funny and easy to understand. His Dutch is incredible, I wish I could speak like him, haha. Just give it a try and look for:
    1) Het dorp
    2) Josefien
    3) Margootje

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