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How can I say " I want to know what love is". in Egyptian Arabic?


3yza 3ref el 7ob??? I'm not sure.

I always want to say this to people,

" I'm not from another world. I'm not a angel
I'm a made out of blood and bones. I have a heart, I have feelings, I have dreams, I want to know what love is because I am a human being like you."

"ana msh men dunya tania? ana msh malak.................3ndy 2alb, 3ndy a7asis, 3ndy a7lam, 3yza 3ref el 7ob 3shan ana insan zayak."

Mmm...I need help! >.<

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    el7ob mesh beyt3ref , el 7ob e7sas . nfsy a7b , we at7ab , nesy a3yesh kest 7ob .

    these are some ways to say what you want., literally you can say it as u mentioned before,

    this is like so technical, not sense, or also you can say , nefsy a3ref ma3na el 7ob

    nefsy a7eb, we at7ab , so u can get complete love, cause feeling love from one side so hearting that ud hate love, so it would going now where :D enjoy

    love is somehow restricted in egypt as u cant kiss , hug , or have love wid ur lover before mirrage but BTW it's the same with it's feelings and meanings ...... ENJOY

    اريد ان اعرف ما هو الحب = in Arabic alphabet
    ored an araf ma howa al hop = in English alphabet

    أريد ان اعرف ما هو الحب؟

    انا مش من دنيا تانية , انا مش ملاك , انا من عظم و دم , انا عندي قلب و مشاعر , و عندي احلام , اريد ان اعرف ما هو الحب , لاني انسانة زيك .
    "ana msh men dunya tania... wala ana malak...ana bany2dma men la7m w dam...3ndy 2alb..w 3ndy masha3er w a7asis...w 3ndy a7lam nefsy a72a2ha. nefsy a3ref eih ma3na el7ob 3shan ana insana zayi zayk."

    insana = bany2dma
    masha3er = a7asis!!

    It looks like an Egyptian movie... so you should be crying!

    lazem te3ayati!

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