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What is the Italian for "I am supposed to be ..., They are supposed to be ... etc


I phrases like "I am supposed to good at this" or "They are supposed to be good cooks" (perhaps with the suspicion that I am not and they are not) is there a standard Italian expression? Or do you say, "Dovrei essere", which sounds more like "I ought to be".
Thanks for any light you can shine on this.

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    Dovrei essere ..., Essi dovrebbero essere ... (correct form for these cases)

    it's conditional of the verb dovere used as "verbo servile " of ESSERE (in this case)

    "verbi servili" are DOVERE- POTERE- VOLERE they support the infinity form of the verb that is following ... adding an important determination !

    In this case "dovere" (conjugated in the conditional form ) express and ADD suspicion , condition to the verb to be !!!

    I'm supposed to give a good answer ----- Dovrei dare una buona risposta (Dovrei is used as "verbo servile" for " to give ", conjugated in the conditional form so it add suspicion .

    To be more clear if I had conjugated "dovere " to the present indicative form I had : " Io devo dare una buona risposta " ---------- I have to give a good answear !
    In this case "dovere" acts always like a "verbo servile" (slavish verb) but conjugated to the present form don't express suspicion as before , instead it is adding certainty, determination ...!

    VERBI SERVILI ------- SLAVISH VERBS: they work for infinity verb that they precede.


    We don't have all the english modal verb the structure of the grammar is different . But you can always find different ways to express the same concept !

    Penso di essere bravo a ....

    Pensano di essere dei bravi cuochi !

    Suppongono di essere dei bravi cuochi !

    Suppongo di essere un bravo studente !

    Dovrei essere un bravo studente !


    1) dovrei essere bravo {in questa cosa, a fare questo}
    2) ci si aspetta che io sia bravo ...

    Secondo me la traduzione migliore e` (1), tenendo conto di quali siano
    i modi di dire usuali in inglese e in italiano.
    Immagino ci siano altre possibilita` che pero` al momento no so dirti.

    Per dare una forma con il senso simile io lo tradurrei con SI SUPPONE CHE IO SIA CAPACE.. (anche se in realtà non lo sono molto)
    DOVREI ESSERE è più corretto tradurlo con "I ought to be".

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