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Learning the Korean Alphabet

I believe that starting to learn the alphabet is the first step to learning a new language. I am using this site, that I find easier to comprehend. I searched through many videos and websites and I settled with this site. I do understand the site however, I need a method to remember these diagrams. Can anybody recommend a good method to studying the Korean alphabet? I tried making a song similar to the English Alphabet but I found myself remembering the sounds but not the characters itself.

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How to memorize the Korean alphabet excluding the learning the alphabet song?
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    There is no easy way :/

    Get out several pieces of paper, and write and write and write.

    pronunciation of each letter/characters is one of the Key...
    i think.^

    Here some songs for kids.
    And I have a .exe file(a flash annimation), different version. If you need, contact me.

    I found this really fun and catchy video for learning the alphabet. It's in a little rap and it's easy to remember. I've also heard the alphabet in the melody of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (I heard that's how the kids in Korea learn it) but I like this rap better. Good luck! The website that made this video also has little games to help you memorize them. <:
    The video:

    I guess you need to really practice writing it... :)
    I've used a lot of papers for writing the alphabet.

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