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When is used "want" and "Wanna"?

Quando eu posso usar "Want" ou "Wanna"?


The correct is: "I wanna go to Europe" or "I want go to Europe"
The wrong is: "You want go with me?" or "You want go with me?"

Tell me... because i wanna (or want) know. lol

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It is very difficult these slangs in english

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    "Wanna" is slang for "want to". If you want to write poorly (or colloquially), you can use "I wanna go to Europe". If you want to write correctly, you must use "I want TO go to Europe". Please note you can never say "I want go to Europe", this is ungrammatical. The same with "You want TO go with me", "TO" is required. You can also say: "Do you want to go with me?"

    Hope this helps.

    "Wanna" is informal, but that's how people often express "want to" in spoken English. "Wanna" is often used online and through cell phone messages. If you were writing something for university, you would use "want to". "Want to" is proper English and "wanna" is a version of it that's become excepted in not-so-formal situations, basically.

    "wanna" is more like a slang/colloquial/informal way of saying "want to"
    I want to go to Europe = I wanna go to Europe
    Do you want to go with me? = You wanna go with me? etc..
    Similarly, "going to" sometimes turns into "gonna" for the same reason.
    "I'm gonna go home right now, but I wanna stay." (Slang)
    "I'm going to go home right now, but I want to stay" (Correct)

    I have never ever used 'wanna' or 'gonna'. They sound awful. It is just lazy English.


    Don't ever use "wanna". You will sound like a baby. A good English speaker will never say "wanna". And never say "slangS". "Slang" is uncountable.

    This is how we find out who the poor speakers are.

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