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who can help me? tahnks

My boyfriend's birthday is coming, I was the first time for his birthday, I want to give him a surprise,Who can help me, give me some advice? I want a little romance,Thanks a million

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oh,sorry,is thanks

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    Erkek arkadaşımın doğum günü geliyor. İlk kez doğum gününü kutlayacağım. Ona bir sürpriz yapmak istiyorum. Kim bana yardımcı olabilir? Tavsiyeniz var mı? Biraz romantik olsun istiyorum. Milyonlarca kez teşekkürler.
    My boyfriend's birthday is coming. It's the first time that I'll be celebrating his birthday. I want to make a surprise for him. Who would like to help me out? Do you have any suggestions? I'm thinking of a little romantic (surprise/gift) Thanks a million times.

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