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فارسی به تاجیکی نزدیکتره یا به عربی یا افغانی؟

خیلی برام جالبه!

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: Persian (Farsi)
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    Dear Friend,

    Please take a look at the link below:

    This link shows that Farsi has an independent branch. Historical Linguists believe that Indo-IRanian language is the mother of Afghani and Tajiki and also Farsi. If you take a closer look you will see that you should divide the Indo-Iranian languages into 3 main branches: Dardic, Indic and IRanic so Tajiki and Afghani are dialects. So we shouldn't compare these languages this way. The language Family tree will make the point clear.

    By the way about Arabic you need to know that Arabic is originally a Semitic language. It is really different from Farsi as it belongs to a different family tree. ;)
    please look at the link below you will find more about Arabic as a
    Semitic language :

    Hope this could help . ;)

    فک میکنم که بيشتر نزديكي با افغانی
    ببخشید , فارسي من کامل نيست :P
    farsi tajiki is closer to afgani/dari, if I am not mistaken.

    فارسی به تاجیکی نزدیک تره
    درباره افغانی ، فکر نمی کنم چنین زبانی وجود داشته باشه. مردم افغانستان چندین نژاد هستند که هرکدام زبان خود را دارند. مثلا دری و پشتو و ازبکی و تاجیکی و....
    عربی هم کلا از یک خانواده دیگه است که به جز خط و برخی کلمات ، هیچ شباهتی به فارسی نداره :)

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