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How many verb tenses there are in Hebrew language?

in my language there are 15 verb tenses
and in hebrew?? what tenses there are in hebrew?

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someone can give examples?? : )

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choose what u think is better : ) anyone

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    Only 3! Present, Future and Past. Oh, and imperative.
    But there are 7 different verb "constructures", each of them with a different conjugation. Vowels are changing happily all the time, consonants appear and dissappear... Without a deep understanding of the structure, you won't know how to conjugate a verb. Infinitiv is rarely given, only the root. But it serves you more. But when you need an infinitive (modal tense), you are lost. :)
    Oh, and there are soft and hard and whatever consonants which like to change into something else. There are all rules for it and it is regular. But many rules, many... :) But I love that language!

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